Studying mathematics

FHT Stuttgart

From March 1999 to July 2003 I was a student of mathematics at the University of applied sciences (FH) in Stuttgart. The FH Stuttgart distinguish of its near to the industry. There are two semesters you have to work at a company for practise the learned theretical basics.

You can choose about two deepenings --- economy and CAD (computer aided design). I have chosen the last one because I'm more interest in the geometrical part. The content of the studying is divided in three tasks. The mathematical part reachs about 50%, the computer programming task reachs about 40% and at last all the other subjects (languages, busniess, rights,...) with 10%. So you have not a "one line" studying, but a more scattered education.
While the studying I have worked as a tutor for students in the first and second semester. So I could deepen my konwledge and help the students to gecome better. One year I have also worked in the student substitution for mathematics. There you can decide about some studying belongings.


But this changed while doing my diplomathesis at the company ISBE GmbH in Stuttgart. The topic Hüllflächenberechnungen bei Werkzeugschleifbearbeitungen (calculating envelopes in toolgrinding processes) was difficult and complex mathematical problem.