Städtisches Blasorchester Göppingen

The Städtische Blasorchester Göppingen (STBO) is the musical representative of Göppingen, a city in the southwest of Germany. with about 80 musicians this is one of the big orchestras of Baden- Württembergs. Also the musical performance the orchestra can count itself to the bigger ones. Since the foundation of the orchestra in 1982 there were many success to it. For exanple the first price in the highest class at the Prager Winter in 1984 as well as a second place in the german championship for amateur orchestras in 1988.
With a Repertoir, going for classical Marches, on to entertainment music, musicals, soundtracks to sinfonic windmusic, the orchestra could inspire the audience in Germany and foreign countrys as well. This is also shown by many journeys in partnercities of Göppingen: vienna/Klosterneuburg, Foggia, Sonneberg und Bordeaux/Pessac.

Another highlight in the ochestra is the recorded CD together with the Jugendkapelle for there 40th anniversery in 1998. A CD you should hear. Informations and samples listened on the homepage of both orchestras (CD IMAGINATION).

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