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 Music Links

accessoirs for clarinet
Foglietta clarinet reeds very much different clarinet reeds, many tips to reeds and mouthpieces
Pilgerstorfer clarinet reeds very much different clarinet reeds
Pomarico mouthpieces clarinet mouthpieces in cristal and ebony
Zinner mouthpieces very good clarinet mouthpieces
woodwind shop Mike Duchstein accessoirs for woodwinds
Wolfgang G. Haas Musikverlag Köln e. K. Sheetmusic for harmony band, churchmusic, ensembles, ...
Musikverlag Rundel Editor with many sheets, also for small orchestras
Musikverlag de Haske Editor with many sheets
HeBu Musikverlag Very big editor
Jugendkapelle und Städt. Blasorchester Göppingen Harmony bands in higher classes
Musikkapelle Hohenstaufen Harmony bands in low and middle classes
Musikverein Rechberghausen Harmony bands in low and middle classes

 Maths Links

Studiing Maths
University of applied science Stuttgartt Studiing Math at the University of applied science Stuttgart
University Stuttgart Studiing Math at the University Stuttgart

 Other Links

Computer / Software
Suse Linux Linux - the best operating system
dante e. V. german TeX- user
Lilypond Notation- software
Musescore free notation- software