My instruments

The Clarinet

The first Clarinet was constructed about the year 1700 by the instrumentbuilder Johann Christoph Denner (1655- 1707). It was developed out ofand old instrument called Chalumeau.
The power of the Chalumeau were the deep tones, while the high tones were aweful. With an additional hole at the top af the fingering piece Denner could improve the sound in high registers as well as enlarge the tone amount. Since then the clarinet has been the woddwind instrument with the greatest toneamount. The use of a thinner corpus and a smaller drilling were the reasons for a wide sonority. The son of Denner, Jacob Denner, has developed the funnel. Besides he divided the instrument in several parts, for a better drilling and the possibility of intonating the instrument.

(Quelle: Die Klarinette, Barrie Carson Turner, CARLSEN Verlag )

The Flute

The flute is one of the oldest instruments in the world. You can persue its existance back to the stoneage. Often the flute was used as a lure for animals (the flute was everytime a instrument for shepperds). The first flutes as we known them now were made in China 3000 years ago, compared its use in Europe dates back to the 13th century. At that time it was exclusively a military instrument. The blossom of the flute was in the 17th century in France when the instrumentbuilder- family Hotteterre developed manly improvements.

(Quelle: Die Flöte, Barrie Carson Turner, CARLSEN Verlag )

The Piano

Not until the 17th century, when temperature was introducted in music the piano in its todays form was developed. Johann Sebastian Bach's "Wohltemperiertes Klavier" is the very first composition for all keys. But the use of Cembalo, Clavichord or Organ strats much earlier. Although a piano is a very big and expensive instrument, it is obviously the most played instrument of the world.

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