University of applied sciences Stuttgart

Downtown in Stuttgart in the citypark, there are standing the building of the University of applied sciences. Here you can study architecture, civil engineering, land surveyoring and of course mathematics.

The studies of maths were the first kind of mathtematics studies on such a University in Germany. The aim of the study is to give the student high mathematical knownledge as well as basics in programming computersoftware. Becouse of this there are many informatic subjects in the study.

All students have to do two practical semesters in the industry to have a quiet near to the companies and the real problems they have.

The ending of the mathematics study is made as a Diplom- Mathematician (FH). In reasend times there also a Master and a Bacellor study in the education. This for have international community (but they are not maore or less than the Diploma). More Informations to this University you can find on the homepage