The conducter of a windorchestra

Meine Stationen

2002 - 20151. Musikverein Rechberghausen
2006 - 2007Jugendkapelle Göppingen
since 2015Musikkapelle Hohenstaufen


Since February 2002 I am national accepted conducter for windorchestras. The Art and skill of conducting I have learned in a course of the Blasmusikverband Baden- Württemberg. With instructions of conducter Miguel AngelMonroy I have learned what depends to conducting and leading an orchestra. Once in a month you have a rehearsal phase, were you have to learn the differences between the movings.

The theoretical aspect were teached by the wellknown composer Franz Watz. Harmonics and hearing are the main emphasis to the education. The technics of doing harmonics as well as rhythmics and melodys are usual.

In October 2004 I have finished another conducting course. Now I've got the so called B- Lizence for leading windorchestras. About two years 20 compulsory exercises had been worked out. Also leasons in education and methods had been learned, in addition to rehearsals in drumming and a second instrument (for me it was trumpet).

Musikkapelle Hohenstaufen

But all of the courses only have a sense, if you do the learned knownledge in real life. Since 2015 I conduct the Musikkapelle Hohenstaufen. Hohenstaufen is a small villace at the foot of the same- titled mountain, on whose top the ruins of the main castle of the Staufer stands. Although Hohenstaufen is relativly small and it is "just" a suburb of Göppingen the orchestra has about 45 musicians and often take part at the social life in villace and city.

Musikverein Rechberghausen

Prior to this I have conducted for 13 years the orchestra and youth band of the Musikverein Rechberghausen.